• Since over 30 years the TRITEC AG has been one of the world's leading specialists in generating solar power through photovoltaic systems.

  • Worldwide TRITEC is active in wholesale as well as large-scale plant construction and implements over 5,000 solar projects annually with around 1,500 qualified installation partners.
  • TRITEC is partner for solar experts and consultant for developers and investors.

Initial situation

  • The founder of the TRITEC AG, Giorgio Hefti, approached Wineus Capital in the fall of 2016 for a large funding as part of his growth activities in the USA.

  • The goal was to complete a milestone project with additional liquidity faster and more efficiently which would substantially increase the project return.
  • For many years Wineus Capital has been accompanying Giorgio Hefti as a partner in his entrepreneurial activities.

Our contribution


  • The capital which was made available successfully led to entrepreneurial added value and thus to a win-win situation for entrepreneur and investor.

  • The investment case displays how Wineus Capital thrives for long-term partnerships, acting quickly and in a customer-specific manner.

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