NSN Medical AG, a portfolio company of Wineus Capital, successfully sells the operating premises of Paracelsus-Spital Richterswil

article from 19.12.2019

NSN Medical AG ("NSN") is a leading private Swiss clinic operator and healthcare service provider. Paracelsus-Spital Richterswil AG ("PSR") is a subsidiary of NSN and a leading regional hospital on the left-hand side of Lake Zurich. The clinic is excellently positioned in the fields of oncology, gynecology, obstetrics and internal medicine. With its successful focus on integrative medicine (a holistic treatment in which conventional medical methods and complementary medicine are combined optimally) PSR has built up a strong USP over the past years. Especially in the fields of oncology and obstetrics and synecology, PSR benefits from the strong demand from patients for integrative treatment approaches.

NSN purchased the operating premises of PSR several years ago. As NSN has always intended to strengthen its focus as a provider of healthcare services, the group has now sold the operating premises of PSR to SenioResidenz AG, a professional investor in the area of healthcare properties.

Wineus managed the complete sales project as lead advisor to NSN.